Thursday, October 4, 2012

I feel like I am beginning to get the hang of this blogging thing. Still so very many questions about this exciting, new process but, I think I have decided what the theme of this blog will be.
The Declassified Marriage Enhancement Guide
I do not consider myself a veteran to marriage by any means, (it is has only been 4 months) but I
have learned a few things about married life, that I do not intend to forget.
1. Assume Nothing
Many, if not all of our post-wedding squabbles are a product of misunderstandings. Aka: He didn't eat all of his chicken so I must be a bad cook. When in actuality, he ate a little dinner at work and wasn't starving when he came home. Problem solved.  
2. Make Time to Listen
Shaun is in school full time, works, and is certifying for his CNA, and I end up feeling like days have gone by and we have hardly seen each other at all. Make time to talk, but more importantly concentrate on Listening. If you genuinely listen to how he is doing, chances are you will get the same in return. Through the craziness of everyday life, you'll know there is someone at home who will listen, and he'll know he can come to you for anything.
3. Notice the Little Things
Now, this can go good or bad, So only take it in the way it is intended. Everyone loves feeling appreciated. Last night Shaun stopped on his way home from work and bought my favorite Ice Cream. This isn't a large, expensive, or grandeur gesture. But it meant the world to me. Thank your spouse for the little extras everyday. It will help you realize how good you have it, and also let your loved one know how much you appreciate their efforts.

4. Expect Less, Do More
"Join". Four little letters. Essentially when you get married, this is exactly what you do. You don't only join two people though, you join families, different viewpoints and opinions, traditions, towel folding strategies, likes/dislikes, a refrigerator etc. You get the point. Don't expect your spouse to automatically do things your way. Your way of folding the towels may be different than his. Not good or bad or better, just different. Don't have unrealistic expectations of your spouse. Keep an open mind and give more than just a little.

5. Date Your Husband
In my opinion this is the anaconda of marriage tips- the most beneficial and significant thing you can do. When Shaun and I were dating, we were always going on adventures and doing something spontaneous! It was during those sweet, uninterrupted moments where we fell in love. Dating is what made you decide you wanted to get married in the first place, so why wouldn't you continue that after the fact?
This is what my blog is about. An unofficial How-To date your Husband. I will post stories, pictures, and helpful hints about how I continue to date my husband after the wedding. Not to mention, the wonderful memories and laughter that come because of it.   

So get ready. This is my Declassified Marriage Enhancement Guide.
Or in short...
How To Date Your Husband

Here is a sneak peak of what we did tonight!
More Coming Soon :)